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The Tractor Museum of WA is situated in wonderful Whiteman Park near the Swan Valley. We house a large display of vintage tractors, trucks and stationary engines together with a replica settlers cottage.


The museum is managed and operated by volunteers dedicated to the preservation and restoration of tractors and machinery that are part of our West Australian heritage.


We hope you enjoy our website and its many features. Please click on the About Us link to find when we are open and exactly where we are.


Whiteman Park Heritage Month



The Tractor Museum will play its part in recognising the Heritage month that is to take place in Whiteman Park during April and part of May 2015. The contribution will be in the form of extra tractor parades.


These will be run on each Wednesday starting at 12.30pm. The other parades will be run on the remaining Sundays of the month starting at the normal time of 1.15pm. The parades will follow the normal route through the park.



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What's New?

While it is obvious that this site has been inactive for some time, it is now in the process of being brought up to date to inform readers of the current goings-on at the Tractor Museum.

Beginning with the current issue of the Museum's Newsletter for members, it is anticipated that it will soon be available as an attachment on this website - look for the link.

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The web page

General News

  Two years ago a move was made to get this web site up and running after a period of no webmaster to run it. Even the best intentions fall by the wayside as this has clearly done. It is anticipated that a new webmaster may be able to reinvigorate the site and keep it up to date the not to distant future.

 The past two years has seen unprecedented improvements at the Museum. First up, the previous open area lunch room has been completely closed in,      insulated and air conditioned This makes for a pleasant  environmennt for members to relax in - something the previous are lacked.

The library has been doubled in size to accomodate the extensive collection of manauls and reference material. A mezanine floor has bean added above the library to provide storage space that otherwise took up display or amenity area

The workshop floor has been fully concreted, making for a vastly improved work area. Three phase power has also been installed in the workhop allowing for a  larger compressor to be used for painting and sand blasting.

From the collection side of the museum there have been some noteworhy additions, namley an Acremaster tractor, and now the completed range of Chamberlain tractors and machinery as used in the wheat belt. Also donated have been an A84 header. a Massey baler, a 6G  and 9G Chamberlain tractors - the latter to become the Museum's Yard tractor and loader, and many other items..  

The actual display of tractors and machinery within the museum has had a transformation allowing for a much improved layout. While it is not yet finished the moves to date have been very positive thanks to the efforts of the Display Committee

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Tractor Museum Needs New Members

Following a request to the Community's newspaper Hills Gazette, to publish an article  seeking more members, the attached article appeared on Saturday the August 18.
The article has so far generated four confirmed new members with several others showing interest.
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Workshop Upgrade

The museum workshop are has recently been iproved by the concreting of the remainder of the floor.  This ha smean a reorganisation of the area and allows for an extra four bays for restoration works etc.

 New equipment is being utilised to assist members in their work, including a new sandblasting outfit which will be supplied with air from an 18 cubic foot compressor.

 The four-post hoist which has posed a problem in the past, will now be set up in an area of the workshop that has a raised roof.  This area formerly housed the Connor Shea header.

 A new washbasin with hot water is under way and will be an added benefit for members.

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Bushcraft At Its Best


A fantastic item of bushcraft was unearthed at Ron Denny’s clearing sale on Friday 5th Sept. This took the form of a forked tree branch.

The legs of the fork were pinned to the shaft brackets and the tongue was fitted with a bar bolted on and included a drawbar pin hole. A very effective means of pulling the wagon around with possibly one of the remnants of tractors that were included in the sale.

I felt it would be criminal to let this pass without due comment - such examples are getting very rare.


Image by Ron Waterhouse

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Stock Crawler Tractor

Early last year a Museum member decided that he would move to live overseas. He had a large collection of photographs, books etc plus numerous tools and sundry items that he did not wish to take with him when he moved. These items were donated to the Museum along with a partly restored German Stock Crawler Tractor  - including $1,000 to assist with the cost of the restoration.

Images by Ron Waterhouse






 "Contemplating the Future"                                                                                                                                                        "On Display"


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Amenities Area Upgrade

General News


Over the past 12 months, work has steadily progressed on upgrading the 9m x 6m lunchroom and extending the library.

For more information please click on "Read More" below.


 Images by Ron Waterhouse






Before                                                                                                                                                                              After


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Acremaster Arrival

 It has come to pass that the Acremaster tractor donated by Greg Smith from Yearlering finally is in its new home at the Tractor Museum. Dave from Greenline did a great job in getting it ready to load, 

virtually beyond the call of duty. The timing was perfect because it was able to be given pride of place at the front of the museum for our Tractor Parade on Sunday.

Tractor Museum of WA - Inc's photo.Tractor Museum of WA - Inc's photo.Tractor Museum of WA - Inc's photo.Tractor Museum of WA - Inc's photo.

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